What Is Dermal Fillers Houston

Fighting the signs of aging is a constant battle. Wrinkles often seem to spring up on a daily basis, and that gray hair just never seems to stay dyed properly. Unfortunately, the first sign of aging is often wrinkles and they can show up for both men and women even in their twenties!


Crow’s feet, laugh lines, and brow creases can permanently mar the face and make an individual look far older than they truly often resulting in lost confidence, poor self-esteem, and ridicule. Thankfully with the advancements in cosmetic procedures, there are now many different ways to treat the signs of aging that don’t involve complex surgeries!


Dermal Fillers – A nonsurgical way to look years younger!

The idea of a face lift to get rid of wrinkles may sound appealing; however it’s an expensive procedure that can result in scarring and some unpleasant results if it’s not done by a highly trained surgeon. Fortunately for men and women looking to get rid of pesky wrinkles without having to go under the knife, the answer is simply an injection away!


Dermal fillers are an amazing way to truly add the volume and life back into a face, turning the years back decades and adding that extra confidence boost needed to face the world with a smile each day. With dermal fillers, they are a simple injection that is put under the skin during a simple outpatient procedure that takes no more than a half hour.


With immediate results, patients can come in during the morning, leave simply a half hour later and go straight into work or to complete errands for the rest of the day. There’s absolutely no need for a knife, and results last typically up to a year in many injection areas!


After the injection, patients will typically only need to see their practitioner about once a year. If, however, it was lip injections that were done those last around six months and a follow up appointment may need to be requested around the half year mark for another injection.


Where can dermal fillers help? 

Normal treatment areas for dermal fillers are around key areas of the face. Important areas such as the cheeks will give a beautiful and youthful look as the face is filled out, lifted entirely, and made to look younger simply with the addition of more fluids in the cheeks. Other areas include in between eyebrows to reduce frown lines, by the mouth and nose to reduce laugh creases, at the corner of eyes to eliminate crow’s feet, and on the lips for a stunningly natural yet fuller lip.


Benefits and Risks 

Like all cosmetic procedures, there are plenty of benefits and some risks to dermal fillers. If you’re looking to get dermal fillers in Houston TX, it’s essential that you way the potential risks with the benefits to ensure that you are pleased with the outcome.



• Immediate results

• No stitches, time off work, or aftercare is needed

• Lasts anywhere from 6 months – 1 year

• Affordable cosmetic option

• Provides a very natural look to the face without the ?urprised’ or ?ight’ expression some procedures can give

• Zero animal derived ingredients contained in the dermal fillers



Many of these risks are associated with a low quality fluid being injected, or an inexperienced and unqualified individual injecting them. When looking for dermal fillers in Houston TX it is imperative to scrutinize the credentials of the practitioner, question how long they’ve been in business, and read reviews about the practice overall.


• Pain – some areas hurt more than others when injected and a short time afterwards. Areas such as the mouth are highly sensitive and require a topical anesthetic.


• Rejection of fluids – if a low quality fluid is used, the body may recognize it as a foreign body and reject it. This rejection can result in the body essentially creating an isolated pocket for the fluid which makes the skin appear lumpy on the surface.


• Allergic reaction – since all FDA approved dermal fillers have zero animal ingredients in them, there is no reaction when they are injected into the body. Unfortunately if a patient goes to a low grade practice that uses non approved dermal filler liquids, then an allergic reaction can occur resulting in a rash, intense swelling of the area, and even anaphylaxis.


• Uneven facial features – the injections are a very precise thing, something that must be done evenly on both sides of the face to ensure harmony and symmetry. With an experienced hand behind the needle, you can rest assured that the fillers will be even on both sides. Unfortunately, when someone without the proper qualifications and training to guide them, uneven facial features can be an unfortunate result of the surgery.


Dermal Fillers in Houston TX

You’ve likely seen some horrific photos and read stories where patients have received “fillers” and experienced traumatic results; however it’s crucial to understand the difference between getting a fluid injected into your skin by a person, and FDA dermal filler injection by a qualified practitioner. Many of the horror stories out there about fillers gone wrong were by a non-qualified practitioner who used a cheap filler alternative such as silicone or one containing other ingredients. With a real practitioner a Hyaluronic Acid based fluid is used. This Hyaluronic Acid is found naturally in the skin which makes the injection of more something the body accepts without any the risk of it being rejected as a foreign substance. 


Finding the right cosmetic surgeon and practitioner is like finding any other doctor – you need to question them, feel comfortable and secure that they are highly skilled, and be reassured of their training and educational experience. A qualified practitioner will be more than happy to address any concerns, allow you to view their extensive pre and post op photos of patients, and answer any questions about the procedures that can and will be performed. 


Aging is something everyone goes through, however choosing to let time muddle a beautiful youthful appearance is something entirely different. Whether you’re just looking for a refreshed face, or you’re looking to have all the wrinkles banished for a smooth and younger appearance, dermal fillers provide the cost effective, long lasting, and surgery free solution!


I trust you have found this article informative about botox Houston. Go ahead and check out this page for more details about eye lift Houston.


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